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Teeth Whitening

Transforming Smiles throughout Jaipur and India...

Teeth whitening treatments have become extremely popular in recent years and are now amongst the most asked for cosmetic dental treatments. Teeth whitening treatments can transform the appearance of the teeth in a matter of hours and give you a glossy, healthy looking smile.

Over the course of time, the natural whiteness of the teeth can fade and our day to day lifestyle, habits and diet can have an impact on the colour of the teeth. Many of us drink tea, red wine and coffee on a daily basis and this can gradually stain the teeth; smoking can also have a significant impact on the colour of the teeth. Whitening treatments can help to restore the natural whiteness of the teeth, boosting your confidence and giving you a smile to be proud of.

At Bhardwaj Dental Implant and Laser Center, we recognise the importance of a great looking smile and we are delighted to be able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of whitening treatments. Our treatments include:

ZOOM by Phylips

Pola office and home Bleach

Most people have heard about whitening treatments but choosing a treatment may be extremely confusing as there are so many different products, treatments and procedures on the market, all claiming to produce incredible results. If you don't know much about whitening treatments the list above may be a little daunting and confusing and you may be struggling to work out which treatment will suit you best. Our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss the different treatments with you and explain which treatment would be best for you. We have carefully selected the best range of treatments and are proud to offer these whitening methods to our patients.

Invisible Fillings

Traditional fillings were made of metal amalgam but in recent years, white fillings have gained increasing popularity. We're pleased to offer replacements for these in both Composite Resin and Porcelain Ceramics. Our goal is always to create extremely natural results for our patients, almost undetectable from natural teeth.

Highly aesthetic Composite "art restorations" are created by hand, to an extremely high level of colour matching to your own teeth. Different shades are placed in layers enabling our expert cosmetic dentists to carefully match the filling to the natural colour of your tooth so that it blends in seamlessly. This is a very highly skilled discipline.

Our Master Ceramic technicians can also create porcelain Inlay and Onlay restorations when the old fillings being replaced or the tooth cavity is very large. These beautiful works of art are bonded to your remaining tooth structure to create a virtually "invisible" join whilst preserving your natural tooth. This avoids the need for crowns and reinforces the tooth for long term survival.

Options for Replacing a Single Tooth

A tooth-supported fixed bridge is the most common alternative to dental-implant supported restoration of a single tooth. It has several disadvantages when compared to dental implants. Placement of a tooth-supported bridge involves grinding away – or damaging – healthy, adjacent teeth, which will be attached to, and used to support, the bridge. Natural bone underneath a tooth-supported bridge is not stimulated as it is with dental implants, and may deteriorate over time, ultimately changing the appearance of your smile and face. A tooth-supported bridge also may not last as long as an implant-supported bridge, and it requires more ongoing care and maintenance.

Removable partial dentures don't require grinding down adjacent teeth but are not nearly as stable or comfortable as dental implants and can affect speech and eating. This type of restoration is less expensive but doesn’t look as natural or function as well as an implant-supported ceramic crown.

A resin-bonded bridge (also called Maryland Bridge) is sometimes considered, especially to restore front teeth that don't endure the biting and chewing demands of back teeth. It has wings on each side to attach to healthy, adjacent teeth but usually doesn't involve preparing, or grinding down, other teeth. A resin-bonded bridge looks and functions better than a removable denture but isn't as strong as fixed bridgework and typically doesn’t function or last nearly as long as dental implants

Non-Implant Option for Replacing Multiple Teeth

A removable partial denture, an alternative to restore multiple teeth, is not nearly as stable as dental-implant restored teeth. The device can interfere with speech and eating. This type of restoration is less expensive but doesn’t look as natural or function as well as implant-supported teeth.

Non-Implant Option for Replacing All Teeth

A removable complete denture, an appliance that sits on top of the gums where the missing teeth were, is a low-cost alternative to dental implant restoration. It can be uncomfortable, affect the ability to experience the full taste of food, cause sore gums, and shift and click in the mouth when one speaks, eats, smiles, yawns or coughs.

Consult with a dental implant expert to find the treatment option for missing teeth that is right for you.